SCLN Legal Network

Tax Litigation



SCLN provides assistance and advice on tax and tax matters, in the deflationary procedures of tax litigation (such as PVC, voluntary assessments etc.), as well as before courts of all kinds (Tax Commissions, ordinary and administrative jurisdiction, Supreme Court, European Courts), as well as patent box consultancy, tax credit, research and development, start-ups and innovative SME , Tax Due diligence.

In particular, the firm performs the following activities for its customers:

  • Preparation of Appeal Acts at the Revenue Agency;
  • assistance on investigation notices/payments/notices;
  • assistance during tax audits;
  • assistance in administrative tax procedures;
  • defense in the tax process and in the judgment before the Supreme Court;
  • advice and assistance in the preparation of applications to join the facilitated definition of tax and unregistered loads entrusted to the collection agent advice and assistance in preparing applications for the facilitation of pending tax disputes.