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Maritime Law



Navigation Law in the Italian legislation regulates the navigation in sea, in internal waters and in air with exclusion of military navigation and outer atmosphere navigation of satellites.

This discipline is relative to economic and social relationships relative to the use of ships and airplanes, with respect to their destination, with particular attention to the satisfaction of the operator and with attention to the risks. SCLN Legal Network offers counsel and assistance in disputes, in arbitrations and in contract in any type of Navigation, such as: maritime insurance for responsibility, impact between ships, towing, construction and repairing of ships, contract regarding the use of ships, through a continuous update with respect to European directive and with the possibility to work with consulates.

The Firm has a high level of competence in Navigation Law, thanks to a close cooperation with the Port System Authority, having in our team professors of Navigation Law, lawyers and members of the port system committee particularly active in Italy and abroad.