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International Law



Given a packed up internal market, the entry in a foreign market is not only an opportunity for Italian SMEs but more of a necessity. However, in a competitive context like the one we live in, growth outside of national territories for smaller Italian companies are difficult to implement, usually because of a lack of funds. The main obstacles to an internationalization are comprised from the difficulty to choose where to invest, the high costs of a market research and the marketing strategy, the difference in legislations and tax laws, the language barrier, the culture etc.

The success in a process of internationalization, both it be export of “Made in Italy” products or more complex and structured procedures to open a factory abroad, depends from an adequate planning and of marketing and commercial strategies to enter the market, with resources and management competence.

An even more thorough and complex planning will be required to the company which will want to participate to foreign public tenders. Finding the right tender, drafting the relative contracts, eventual sub-tendering and joint ventures are some of the examples of the obstacles the company will have to overcome. Challenges made even more articulate because of the need of logistics for the workers, the machines and the sourcing in the the foreign country.

SCLN Legal Network, in this framework, stands by companies in order to assist them in every phase, be it for exports, for company internationalization or to participate to international tenders, providing solutions such as finding the right commercial partner or the best financial assistance (ordinary, subsidized or extraordinary) freeing the company from fundraising issues.

Access to the North American market is even more facilitated thanks to our Italian and Canadian professionals who work in the territories, given that the Firm has a strategic office in Quebec, which can handle Canadian and US markets.

From an international perspective, the Firm can provide assistance in various areas such as:

  • Finding the target market;
  • Comparative research for product-country;
  • Drafting feasibility plan;
  • Drafting business plan;
  • International certifications;
  • Incorporation of branch, subsidiary in target country;
  • Double taxation;
  • Transfer pricing;
  • Recovery of international credit;
  • Credit insurance;
  • International banking systems and payments;
  • Legislations and internal rules applicable in regulating commercial relationships;
  • Customs and currency system;
  • Lex mercatoria and application of uses;
  • Drafting and reviewing international contracts: international agency contracts; distribution contracts and JV;
  • International transportation and shipment;
  • Domestic and international arbitrations.