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Employment Law



The Firm offers highly specialized Employment Law assistance and advices, both judicial and extra-judicial,

The Firm can provide assistance to employers and to employees in any phase of the work relationship, in example:

  • Negotiation, drafting and modification of company rules and employment contracts, providing the correct assistance with respect to selecting the correct profile frame, pay, social security, smart-working and outsourcing, stimulation plans for employees;
  • HR and private employment contract management, including agency and commercial representation relative to any type of organizations which use such collaborations;
  • Analysis and management of employment matters during corporate restructuring and reorganization, company acquisitions and company crisis with corporate rescue plans and any other type of extraordinary operation, providing assistance with collective dismissals, reconciliation and arbitration;
  • Legal and collective work contracts compliance, both for existing and upcoming relationships.

The Firm provides assistance to clients in individual and collective employment disputes in any phase and moment of the dispute, both in employment and social security matters.