SCLN Legal Network

Property Law



The Firm offers judicial and extrajudicial advice and assistance in the field of Property Law, supporting the customer in all aspect of the purchase, ownership and possession of a property such as:

  • negotiations and preliminary stages for purchase of the real estate property;
  • choice and preparation of the real estate contract;
  • disputes regarding limitation of property rights;
  • real estate management and administration;
  • establishment of trust and real estate fund;
  • constitution and transcription of real rights of enjoyment or guarantee
  • negotiation complex real estate transactions in Italy, as well as handling the legal analysis and documentation.

Our working languages in the area of Real-Estate Law are: Italian, English, French

Our services for Buying or selling a Property in Italy:

  • Negotiation of the price of the property;
  • Negotiation of the Real Estate Agent’s fees;
  • Drafting of the Sale Offer
  • Tax and inheritance issue in Italy
  • Fill-in the application Form for tax identification code
  • Instructing the surveyor who will be appointed to survey the property and to draft an evaluation
  • Drafting Proxy
  • Dealing with the Italian Notary drafting and arranging the purchase by the signing of the Title Deed in front of him.