SCLN Legal Network




The firm provides assistance and advice in the negotiation and drafting of commercial and business contracts, both domestically and internationally, including:

  • acquisitions of companies;
  • corporate restructuring;
  • the creation of franchise networks;
  • agency and distribution contracts;
  • supply, sub-supply and administration;
  • logistics, transport and shipping;
  • leasing and sale;
  • sale and lease of company and business branch;
  • procurement and subcontracting;
  • joint ventures, association in participation, consortia, temporary business groups;
  • Sponsorship, merchandising;
  • license and use of the trademark, patent and copyright;
  • lease and commercial sublocation;
  • credit transfer.

The firm advises on all obligations arising from the contract, taking care of the management and post-contract execution phase. In particular, the Firm assists in the interpretation, review and novation of contracts already finalized, as well as the out-of-court and/or judicial litigation resulting from the termination and cancellation of the contract, as well as claims for damages from contractual default.