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Banking and Finance Law



We provide assistance in banking and finance disputes and for any action or case of financial contract.

We provide contractual assistance to companies relatively to loan agreements, choosing the best option based on the needs of our client.

We provide assistance on the financial management of a company, with the aim of maximizing the financial performance and increase revenues and profits.

As a matter of example, we work by analyzing bank charges during a biennium and quarter, analyzing the registered data in the Risk Center of Bank of Italy and other national data of banks, in order to verify the company rating and the ranking in the credit merit system. We intervene to modify the assets in case of a critical analysis, improving the financial image of the company on the market.

We evaluate and quantify the damage incurred by the company due to a wrongful report to the Risk Center, providing the estimate of the revenue lost.

The due diligence of banking contracts allows the company to improve the management of the assets, advance payments of invoices and bank receipts. The client has the opportunity to compare the different bank accounts in different banks and choose correctly with which financial institution it will have the best scenario, without blocking assets in a non-efficient way, with the result that on the short-term a sensible economization of bank charges will be visible.

Our analysis of anomalies in bank contracts allows to single out the issues in the contracts signed by companies (mortgage, loans, factoring, credit line, anticipation of invoices) and estimating the sums to eventually recover.

In the pre-contractual phase of loan contracts, we assist companies in highlighting future risks connected to those contracts.

With respect to Company Crisis and Insolvency, we offer assistance and counsel to companies, with the aim of evaluating the economic and financial conditions and to provide organization models which can prevent indebtedness and solvency problems.

The Firm assists companies in indebtedness and insolvency procedures by offering restructuring plans and following judicial disputes.